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Guitar and Lead and Harmony Vocals

Rumor has it the symbol on that cap he wears is actually a toilet seat he left up.

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Ted at Galax 2012
Ted on stage at Galax Fiddlers Convention 2012
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My first recollection of my love for music was going with one of my brothers and watching him and a family friend play. The friend played rhythm guitar and sang lead and my brother played banjo and sang tenor. I was about twelve years old and they were playing in the living room of a house in the area where there were lots of music lovers and pretty girls dancing. I was immediately hooked. I played for years, off to the side, at family cookouts and in my own living room and places like that, but never imagined I would ever play in public.

We were vacationing in Pigeon Forge one year and watching a band perform at a grand opening. They had an intermission and I sat and talked with the guitar player and lead singer. I told him I sang 'some', and to my astonishment he invited me to sing. Well, it took all of my courage to take that first step, but I managed to get through it. I guess it was the most scared I'd ever been in my life. There were people who came up afterwards and complimented me, told me I should be singing with a band somewhere. Wow, the whole experience blew me away!

Later in life I started going to local jam sessions which led to meeting to guys I now play in the band with. About seven years later and here we are, now.

Our fans are very gracious to compliment us on our music. Make no mistake about it, that is why we play! As a song ends and they put their hands together and you meet them at intermissions and after the shows, they're always right there with their compliments, warm smiles and their hands out to shake, it don't get any better! The fans make the show!

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