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Jim's High School Classmate, Bob Maslick of Ellaville GA helps out at Mt. Airy Fiddlers in the mandolin competition

Jim playing fiddle

I started playing fiddle at age nine with my Step Grandfather, Posey Richmond, of Wytheville Va. (I actually still own and play his fiddle, which he purchased from my Great Grandfather in 1945 by trading him a pig for it.) I went on to play guitar with my Dad and later played with a couple of southern gospel quartets. My heart was in Bluegrass and after moving to VA. in 1987 I started attending the Fiddler's Conventions. I was fortunate enough to play with Silk & Steel Bluegrass who actually finished 12th in the Bluegrass Band Competition at Galax VA. August 2000.

In 2001 I invited Ted Turner to attend our family reunion just to jam and sing a few songs. We enjoyed ourselves and each other's company and we decided to try to put together a band. The rest is history and already in the band bio.

I do enjoy all the stringed instruments and from time to time I don't mind switching out to keep a show going. I've been known to play bass a little if Jake can't make it and we manage to draft mandolin picker (usually a Marshall Brother).

Did I forget to mention my wife, Terri, and I were blessed with two beautiful daughters? Rachel completed a Bachelor's Program in Music, married Scott Shultz of Rural Retreat VA., and currently lives in Glen Allen VA. Rachel actually has recording plans of her own sometime in the future. Sarah completed a Master's Program in Communications and lives in Chesapeake VA. Both girls actually let Ole Dad sing along for a couple of songs during the Sunday morning service at Mount Zion Methodist Church in Wythe County VA., during their last visit home.

So there, you see, we really are a musical family.

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