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randy culler

randy playing Global banjo

Playing my Global banjo around 1981

daddy's guitar and banjo

Daddy's Silvertone Guitar and Marathon Banjo
Randy On stage at Galax 2012
On stage at Galax 2012. Photo by Elijah Christman
Randy On stage WPAQ Merry Go Round 2016
On stage at WPAQ Merry Go Round 2016

Onstage at Mt. Airy Autumn Leaves Festival 2010 - Photo by Jerry Gauvin

I've been around bluegrass and country music all my life. Some of my earliest memories are of daddy playing the guitar and singing along with Mom on country classics like "Loose Talk" and "Your Cheatin' Heart". Daddy also played banjo using a flat pick with his self-taught pick / strum style. He'd get the banjo out from under the bed and pluck out tunes like "Cripple Creek" and "Groundhog".

I didn't make any serious effort towards playing myself until I saw some of my schoolmates playing bluegrass on guitar and banjo in an 8th grade talent show. I thought that was the coolest sound I ever heard! I started learning banjo on dad's old Marathon banjo and soon had my parents talked into getting me a banjo for Christmas. With my Uncle Elmen Quesinberry's help, they found a Global banjo that was perfect for the bluegrass I was learning.

At some point, Gary Lowe talked me into playing banjo with his Havin' Fun Band. Later on, I hooked up with Kill-Basa Bill's Road Show for a few years. After a long dry spell, I hooked up with Bluegrass & Beyond and have been there ever since.

Bluegrass & Beyond is the perfect outlet for my music. Whether it's a rollicking old bluegrass standard, one of our originals, or an obscure folk ballad, the band approaches it with enthusiasm, respect, and creativity, giving it our own flavor. I'm proud to step up on a stage anytime / anywhere with these guys!

Bluegrass & Beyond
Bluegrass & Beyond at Cole Harley Davidson
Kill-Basa Bill's Road Show
Kill-Basa Bill's Road Show Early 1990's

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