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For detailed info on the band and its members, check out the contact / bio page

Cover of the Bluegrass News is Released!

We've picked out some old favorites and (hopefully) some new favorites to include on our new CD, Cover of the Bluegrass News.

Front Cover of CD

Both of our CD projects, Livin' A Dream and Cover of the Bluegrass News, are now available. You can get a copy at Robby's Sales on Main Street in Mount Airy or see our recordings page to mail order.

Welcome to Bluegrass & Beyond

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Who is Bluegrass & Beyond?

Bluegrass & Beyond is one of the hottest bluegrass bands in the Southwest VA / Northwest NC area. Based in Fort Chiswell, VA and Mount Airy, NC, the band performs regularly in the region.

You can catch our regular performances at local music festivals, bluegrass events, and regional radio stations such as WPAQ and WBRF. Or, see our schedule for other events.

Bluegrass & Beyond is not your typical bluegrass band. While we play mainly traditional bluegrass and bluegrass gospel music, we also like to throw in a few tunes that we call "Beyond Tunes." These are tunes that most everyone knows, but you wouldn't expect to hear them in a bluegrass show. In general, we just have a whole lot of fun and play a whole lot of music.

Feel free to poke around the website and learn a little more about us. Check out some snapshots from our live performances, listen to some of our songs, and experience Bluegrass & Beyond. If you have time, drop us a line on Facebook or Google+ or send us an email. We'd love to hear from you!

photo from pickin porch 2007

Pickin' Porch Show 2007

Wanna hire a band?

Bluegrass & Beyond would love to play your event! We do:

Our rates are very reasonable and you'll never find a more dependable band. Email us at to schedule your event.

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